Chemical waste water treatment

Waste water technologies can remove rest-oil and fat as well as heavy metals from waste water by using the dissolved air flotation unit also called emulsion-splitter with type name "Aqua-Spa".

This equipment can be used at:

  • Recycling of building materials
  • Recycling of plastic
  • Cleaning trucks for wasteremoval and sweep-machinery
  • Car washes and truck-wash.
  • Wash-equipment for machine-parts
  • Wash-equipment for airplane, train, metro etc.
  • Tank-cleaning
  • Metal-industry
  • Colour- and paint-industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food- en pet-food industry

Aqua Spa

The chemical waste water treatment uses flocculation and flotation-processes to absorb and filtrate pollution. These systems are differentiated by:

  • high capacity
  • high performance
  • minimum demands for energy and maintenance
  • minimum demand for flocculation-chemicals
  • simple handling and simple maintenance
  • possibility for recycling waste water

With this process the following pollution is being reduced;

  • oil and fat-residue
  • metals
  • floating particles
  • COD
  • Phosphate
  • AOX

Other features:
- The flocculation-chemicals are environmentally friendly because a minimum on minarals are being put into the waste water.
- Each treatment plant can be engineered on site by our certified laboratory.
- The flocculation-flotation-process can be expanded by a wide range of extra treatment-stages like active carbon-filtration, neutralization etc.

The process is fully automatic. The pump in the waste water storage brings the waste water to the chemical treatment. The waste water is aerated and let into the process-pump. The pollution is mixed and hacked into small pieces. Behind this pump the mixture is pressurised and de-pressurised. Small air-bubbles form which are responsible for the flotation later in the process. Flocculation- chemicals then are being injected. Due to the acid-character the pH drops. Then the waste water is neutralised by NaOH. The complete mixture is being let into the reaction-chamber. In this chamber the formation of micro-particles is responsible for absorption of the pollution.

Behind the reaction-chamber an electrolyte is injected. This electrolyte builds bigger particles which can easy be filtered out of the waste water mixture. In the decanter water and sludge separate by flotation. The mixture is filtered (SOM-system)or the floatate is skimmed of into a sludge container (LUG-system).

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